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Urgent Repeat Prescription Request

Requests for prescriptions outside the normal prescription protocol impacts significantly on both doctor and administration staff time.

All Urgent requests will only be sent electronically via EPS to the pharmacy of your choice which must be specified on the Urgent Request Form

A request is only deemed urgent if  you have less than 2 days medication left.
A request must be submitted in writing on our Urgent Prescription Request form and you must nominate a pharmacy to receive your prescription electronically.
You must provide a reason for your urgent request.

Requests not considered as urgent

  • More than 2 days of medication left
  • Medication that can be purchased over the counter (OTC) temporarily e.g. Gaviscon, certain eye drops, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Senna, Laxido, Omeprazole, Ranitidine, certain creams, anti-histamines (Fexofenadine cannot be purchased OTC)
  • Medication queries, such as strength, dosage or quantity. Please state this on a normal request clearly or alternatively send us a message via askmyGP

New medication prescribed by the hospital

If you have recently been given medication from hospital and will run out soon – Please send us a message to our pharmacy team on AskmyGP who can assist you. Where possible, please provide our Reception team with a copy of the letter you were given by the hospital detailing the medication.

If you have seen a hospital clinician who has requested a medication to be prescribed by your GP this will be actioned through the normal prescription process; the majority of these requests are non-urgent. If you feel these are urgent please contact the hospital clinician who can provide the medication initially.

Lost/Stolen medication

For controlled drugs, you must report any stolen medication to the police and obtain a crime reference number. Please note the crime reference on your request.

When will my prescription be ready?

All urgent repeat prescriptions will be sent to your chemist within 24 hours.
The actual processing of this prescription will depend on your pharmacy.

It is your responsibility to ensure you request any medication 5 days before you run out: prescriptions take 2 working days to process.

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