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Access medical records and requesting medical records

Can you access your own medical records? The answer is yes, you deserve a right to easily access medical records and your medical history. The Brooke surgery can provide you with access to your NHS medical records either online as an electronic health record or as a paper copy. We will aim to process your request as quickly as possible, however, this can take up to 30 days. 

Under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we are required to remove sensitive or third-party data therefore if any part of your medical records has been redacted this is because another person has been mentioned or because the details are of a sensitive nature. Requesting medical records has never been easier, simply fill in our form at the bottom of this page.


Once you have received access to your medical records if you notice an entry that you would like to discuss please send an email to

Frequently asked questions about requesting medical records


What happens when I get my medical record?

Once you have your medical records, you can see all of your medical history (not including any third-party data), you can use this to gain a timeline of your health and make sense of any dates for when you received medical treatments.


What sort of information can I expect to see on my medical health record?

You can expect to view any recorded information within your medical history, these things include allergies, previous diagnoses, previous surgeries, medications, vaccinations and personal habits such as smoking. You’ll also be able to view test results, hospital discharges, appointment letters, and referrals.


Can my GP see my medical history?

Your doctor can view your prescription history, and view any information that may be relevant to your current medical situation, this helps your doctor to treat you effectively.

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