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What is AskMyGP?

AskMyGP is an online system that helps doctors and general practitioners manage their patients. They use the platform to triage or carry out assessments on patients digitally, rather than face to face.

Benefits of AskMyGP

AskMyGP’s online initial consultations offer several benefits to both patients and healthcare providers. By eliminating the need for patients to travel, the process is streamlined, and appointment delays due to traffic are less likely. 

Additionally, patients can book appointments around their work schedule, saving them time and avoiding disruptions to their day. Most importantly, this approach reduces the risk of illness or virus transmission, as sick patients do not have to come into the GP practice for their initial consultation.

How do I Sign Up for an AskMyGP Login?

Anyone can sign up to use AskMyGP. Simply go to the login page, select ‘login to consult my GP’, then select ‘sign up as a new user’. Once you have filled out the required fields and created a password, you can accept the end-user licence agreement. 

You are then able to log-in and get help from your doctor, simply follow the on screen instructions.

How it Works

Once signed up, you are able to log in and put in a patient request either for yourself or someone you care for. AskMyGP is available 24 hours a day, so you can put in a request at any time. Once you have opened a request, you can decide whether you want to ask a general question, look up information on the NHS website or talk to a doctor. If there is no doctor available, we will email or phone you back once there is one that can deal with your request. 

Once a doctor has got back to you, they can then decide whether you feel you need a video call or a face-to-face appointment.

Things to Consider when using AskMyGP

For medication-related queries, including strength, dosage, or quantity, please clearly state your request or send a message via AskmyGP. If you have received new medication from the hospital and are running out soon, please message our pharmacy team via AskmyGP for assistance. It would be helpful if you could provide a copy of the hospital letter detailing the medication to our reception team whenever possible.

All new patients are required to book a health check with our healthcare team to ensure their required tests are up to date and to keep an accurate record of their repeat medication. You can request this health check via AskmyGP.


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