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Online Doctor and GP Consultation – NHS England Patient Information Leaflet

Posted on February 13th, 2020


View the patient leaflet for information on online doctor consultations.

Did you know you can access all your GP services online using your phone, computer or tablet? This ensures efficient advice and diagnosis that is suited to your lifestyle. This can be used in place of visiting your GP surgery, however, sometimes we may require a face-to-face visit if an online doctor can’t correctly assess you. 

Benefits of an online doctor consultation

At an online consultation, you won’t need to wait for a phone call from a doctor, and everything can be submitted at your own convenience. Often, you will need to submit a short form to your online doctor to cover any existing health concerns or medication you take and gain access to communications with a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional. You’ll then be able to discuss symptoms, ask for a referral or test and discuss your results. You can also discuss travel vaccinations if you’re going abroad somewhere that may require one. 

How you communicate with your online doctor

You’ll communicate with your online doctor through text message, phone or video call. This can help diagnose healthcare problems and be used to discuss in more detail your medical issues. If you need a blood test, that will also be arranged.

Who is able to contact their online doctor?

Anyone can access online doctor and GP consultations. People who may find talking to an online doctor include but are not limited to:

  • Individuals who can’t get out of the house easily due to disability, including physical and mental
  • Those who work away from home or have busy lifestyles
  • Those who care for young children or disabled persons and can’t leave them unattended

Online doctor consultations are safe and secure

You can be assured knowing all your information and data are securely stored, and will only be shared with staff who are on your case and need to provide advice. 

As always, if your concern is a medical emergency, contact 999.

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